Sheer Elegance

I had the privilege of working with one of Calgary’s most amazing photographers, right before she leaves to move to BC! So anyone in the BC market, keep your eyes open for this talent!!!
Since I got back into modelling last year, I have been in awe of Nikki Harrison’s work at Elegant Portraits. She takes reality and transforms it to a realm of fantasy and wonder.
I lucked out as she posted a need for a model for implied nude. I responded and at 7am shes messaged to confirm my booking that same day. I panicked and messaged my hair and makeup artist Tara, and as always she had no problem accommodating me. I showed up at her studio and she invited me into her world. The set she had up was gorgeous, I don’t blame her for wanting to shoot it one last time before tearing it down.
She told me she was inspired to a Grecian look, with long cascading hair, somewhat reminiscent of the old roman/Greek statues.
We hardly shot any frames but that’s because Nikki is so precise, she knows exactly what she wants from the shot before you even step into the frame.
When she’s done using you as her muse, she goes to the post production stage and works her magic.
What Nikki did with the images we shot blew me away. These are definitely 2 of my favourite pictures of all time.
To book with Nikki in BC (Vancouver) go to her page

She does beautiful photos of children as well.


Hair and makeup by: Tara carter:



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6 Responses to Sheer Elegance

  1. Oh my god Carolynne… These are freakin amazing!! Love love love these images. Definitely could see them hanging on a wall. Congrats!


  2. These are absolutely beautiful, very painterly!


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