Some of you may remember last year I was part of a music video.
ITS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED!!! (click the link to watch)
I met two amazing friends that I am still in touch with, both are stunning models named Becca and Maria. We got the hookup for the shoot through Justine and from there we met on set both days for shooting.
The first scene was a pool party, the second was a club scene. For more behind the scenes info check the links below.

heres the posts i wrote about it: 

Shooting the video :shootingthevideo
fire and ice fire and ice sheesh
Models rap: models rap

And here’s a self written bio about the band:
“Double AAs known as (African Ave) without the capital D started out in 2008 by Era, DJ Tea, with Rude boy sann who joined us later that year. In 2009 the Rap artist and producer took this idea and expanded its influence from the cities across Alberta to the cities across Canada and some parts of the world. Our ambition as always, is to turn all the negativities into something positive, entertain others in the process, and get connected with families outside our own. This was just a simple idea like any others offering nothing but hopes and dreams, since 2008 till today we are now among the biggest entertainment families in Alberta we have three producers and six Rappers. We all started out somewhere but no matter what our stories may be , on Double AAs we ride as one. DAAs is Yun ERA, originally from DRC. TEA Shine, originally from South Sudan. Rude Boy Son, originally from Haiti. ATL, originally from South Sudan. Snap, originally from Sudan. Jr-Jay originally from Liberia and also part of the fam. is Philadon, Milla Money, and Jay-Nova. Check out the names above for each have their own pages.”

You can like their facebook page at this link


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