Summer ‘Must Have’ Designs

There’s an up and coming designer in Calgary that you all should know about. 

Cherry Chic Designs has an edge like no other. Created and designed by the lovely Valrie Powell, the fashion boasts styles that reflect both tradition and modern flare. 


Originally from Winnipeg, one could claim that being a seamstress is in Valrie’s blood, perhaps even her destiny. Both her mother and grandmother (originally from Jamaica) were her largest influences and mentors while she grew up. Valrie learned at a young age just how amazing tailored clothing feels, and wanted to give that comfort and confidence to women all over the world.

Valrie uses a combination of bold colours, classy cuts, and extremely comfortable fabrics, so no matter what you are wearing, be it casual, or formal, you could wear it for hours and never be uncomfortable. She always uses high quality fabric that doesn’t rip, or tear, it stretches to hold your shape in place and leaves you feeling both confident and stylish. 

To check out her current collection (some of which seen here) or learn more about her please check out her website at 

Or contact her here:

Email Cherry Chic Designs
Photos by Paul Spenard :Paul’s page 

Hair and Makeup by: Kada Issa of Bombay Beauty Loft Contact Kada
Here’s a candid shot of the models and I after our last fashion show!


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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Summer Must Have Designs | CarolynneScoffield <Loved it!


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