Variety Ruined Romance


  1. 1
  2. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
  3. “in search of romance”


No wonder there’s no romanticism left in the world of social media. There is no mystery, women typically give their body before even opening their minds, and typically once men have conquered what they want they also cease to be romantic. 

And how do you know when someone on social media is even being honest? Genuine? 

Welcome to 2015, where those of us who still believe in romance and succumb to these amorous feelings become victims to the modern fairytale. 

One person is never enough for another. It seems men and women are constantly looking elsewhere, it’s like being in a restaurant:  “has the menu changed?” “Will there be something else exciting coming along?” 

Of course you never really like whatever is new, usually it’s cheap and not what the menu promised (cough cough (FACEBOOK girls who take pics from one angle only wearing severe amounts of makeup ) 

You randomly add people, in hopes of???? Hooking up? Creeping their stuff? Just talking? 

And, in the end, what do you get from it really? You snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tinder, POF, and for what? Even if you meet these random people do you even get to know them, or do you just use them to inflate your ego and satiate your sex drive?

And you tell the girl/boy you’re seeing “they’re just friends” but I bet the conversation boarders sexual more often than not. You play with these peoples emotions, monitor their activity and maybe even fein interest in their life. 

I’m terrified to commit to someone these days because a part of me thinks he’s always going to be secretly searching elsewhere, looking for the next younger, hotter girl to come along. It will take one seriously confident and self assured man for me to lose this form of thinking. 

It’s like the quality of a person means nothing anymore. It’s all about how they look on paper, or in the bed sheets and on your sexual repertoire. 

This fickle society with it’s lack of conviction drives me insane sometimes. 

Photo by Mill Canyon Photography

HMUA Fancy Fantasy by Tara


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