4 Reasons to drink 8 glasses of water daily

Freddy fun fact of the week. 

We’ve all heard this, now it’s time to spell out why we should be doing it.

As many as 75% of North Americans are dehydrated. We all consume copious amounts of coffee, soft drinks, and juice, but sometimes that good ol water is simply being put on the back burner, and we are suffering for it. 

Here are 4 reasons you should get that water in you now!


By consuming our 8 glasses a day it actually allows our body to use the water we need where it is needed, (hydrate the organs and muscles) and excrete it when needed. If we don’t ingest it we’ll simply retain it, causing that dreaded bloat we all too often are fighting. For this reason alone drinking 8 glasses a day is worth it.


Ever wonder why celebs or models have such lovely skin? As a model we are coached constantly to drink more water. When the skin is hydrated it has a natural glow to it, it helps flush out impurities leaving a soft, supple finish. If you’re having skin problems I suggest upping your water intake. (Having trouble with Acne? Read this! Natural ways to fight acne for cheap!)


More often than not , when exhausted we reach for caffeine to give us that needed jolt of energy. When in fact, it only supplies a short burst, and we are left even more exhausted (Muscle fatigue). Reach for water instead, and you’ll notice you have much more energy than you did by using that crutch of caffeine. 

4. EXCRETION (aka going to the bathroom, number 1 and 2)

If you have any problems, down there, water can help immensely. By aiding the kidneys in filtration you’ll help rid yourself of the dreaded bladder infections, and help prevent future problems that may result in kidney failure. On the flip side (literally) if you notice you’re constipated, or experiencing diarrhea, water can help soften the stool. In the case of diarrhea, it’s actually a symptom of dehydration. So instead of heading straight for the pepto bismol, try pumping up your water intake. 

So there you have it. Want to feel beautiful inside and out? Get that water in you! 

Photos courtesy of Pablo B Pablo’s page

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith Tara’s Facebook



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