Who gives a shit?

It seems everything we do now, we do to please the masses. The hoards of Facebook “friends” that don’t really know us from a hole in the wall, the random contacts you picked up along the way, these people are whom are draining our attention span, taking our energy.

And we’re letting them

When was the last time you walked alone, in the wilderness, and heard nothing but nature?

No cars, no music, no cell phones, just existed and was one with your mind?

When was the last time you decided to enjoy time with your child and not actually record it or photograph it for all to see? But rather, just enjoyed the moment for what it was, and watched it through your own eyes and not that of a screen?

Our world is becoming run by robotics and we are being programmed along with them. Capitalism seems to be failing the earth and only helping those at the top of the food chain. People below are struggling because they’re constantly fed images of lifestyles that are typically unattainable in today’s world.

So what do you do to stop the madness?



Stop scrolling Facebook and Instagram and getting mad or jealous of what you see. Why aren’t you doing what makes you happy? What made you happy before social media TOLD u what makes you happy?

I fear kids today may not find their authentic selves in amongst the hustle and bustle and technology canon fodder constantly fired at them. I urge you to take your kids away from it, even if only for a day. Teach them to find themselves and the earth, teach them to connect.

I fear we are losing the beautiful world we once knew. And the precious, innocent minds along with it.

Take away the iPads. Turn off ur phones. And spend some time with you and or your family. Remember who you are without technology.

There may come a day where it all goes to hell… and then what?

Photo by Andre Goulet

Hair and makeup Tara smith

Dress: Guess

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