What’s your labour story?

In honour of Mother’s Day (North America) I wanted to ask all the ladies in my network, “what is your labour story??”

For many of us it’s time spent in our very own personal torture chamber filled with horrors and crazy stories, but one thing comes out… life. There are no words for how beautiful and epic that moment is…

Anyway… here’s my labour story

(Backstory- some of you may remember I have PCOS, a condition so severe in my case, I was told I’d never have children. Even after conceiving, I was scared by health care professionals, told I would miscarry, so on… but I made it all the way to 39 weeks 5 days before…)

September 14, 2016: approx 9pm

I began having, what I can describe as “lightning stabbing” pains in my crotch (which I would later learn was lightening of the cervix) I texted my mum and she said,

They went away shortly after messaging my mum, so I went to bed. I woke up the next morning at 2am ish desperate to pee. I went. But as I came back it felt like I was dribbling pee down my leg so I ran back to the toilet and pushed and more came out (I thought “wow that’s a lot of pee”) went to lie back down in bed, the second I lied down it felt like I peed again, except this time with no effort at all.

My waters had broken, I knew it. My boyfriend was already on edge so he shot out of bed and got to grabbing things and we raced out the door. On the way there the fluid just kept coming out, it was so uncomfortable, like you’re peeing yourself a little every 30seconds, but it’s not pee, it’s the fluid your child has lived in…

I got to the hospital and the nurses joked about how it’s a full moon and it’s gonna get busy in there. They waited for the doctor to assess me before proceeding with the induction. (I was group b strep positive so upon waters breaking I needed antibiotics and induction to “slow” labour to ensure I had enough antibiotics in my system. When the doctor arrived she pressed her speculum to my cervix and a massive gush of water went everywhere. She said “yup! That’s amniotic fluid, you’re not going anywhere little lady you’re having a baby today!”

And then it sunk in, I mean really sunk in, I was going into labour, and it was gonna hurt. I got sort of panicked, but was a bit relieved when they said “we can’t induce you til shift change so why not go grab something to eat.” So down we went in the elevator, my man, my mum, and me. Suddenly the alarms started going off in the elevator, and my anxiety took off like a freight train “Oh god I’m gonna give birth in an elevator! Oh god my bfs probably gonna see me crap myself! Oh god no!”

Turns out my mum was leaning against the alarm button… False alarm…. thanks Mum

Made it to the cafeteria in one piece, the hospital food tasted like crap but it was nice to have a minute to contemplate my fate before taking the plunge in the birthing room. Once I had my breakfast they had me pack up our stuff and head over to the labour room. It was a decent size with a big window, and a Winnie the Pooh decal on the wall that said,

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in your heart.”

They began my induction and at first I barely felt the contractions, this was approximately 7:30am sept 15. They were at first similar to a period cramp, but not quite. As the drip progressed I still hadn’t dilated. An OBGYN who saw me at 3months said because I had a LEEP procedure on my cervix I would need to be manually dilated. No one listened to me though. What did I know? I was a new mom in labour. When the drip hit 11ml I started asking for help. The pain was awful, like my insides were tearing out. They gave me the gas which only made me vomit more and more. I barfed the entire labour FYI. Within a few hours I was maxed out on the drip, By that time it was at 20ml and I was begging for an epidural. They gave me a choice: “fentanyl, a hot shower (there’s no way I could stand with that pain) or epidural, I chose door 3, epidural, please.

But it didn’t quite work.

My right side went completely dead I could flex my toes but not feel them and they felt like they weighed 30lbs. My left side felt like I was rupturing cysts over and over again. It was agony. I had become so sick from the meds that I began to wretch so hard it was incredibly painful. They started me on gravol. Then topped up the epidural. Things started to level out but by that point I had been maxed out on the drop for a few hours. The pain started to radiate through the epidural so they topped that up again and had to give me something else for nausea cause I was throwing up every 5 mins.

finally, after being maxed out for 6 hours the new OBGYN on shift said “she’s had a LEEP procedure and needs to be manually dilated” and I watched as she wrenched my vagina open with her hands, like she was birthing a baby cow. Thank fuck the epidural had kicked in by then cause I certainly wouldn’t want to feel that.

By 7pm (45mins after she dilated me) I was 9cm dilated. Did i mention it was a teaching hospital? When the time came to push, i must’ve had 15 ppl all watching my vagina… great.

i remember the doctor yelling “look at all that hair!”) they told my mum to count for the time I had to hold my breath and push, and I remember she got so excited she forgot to count and mid push I yelled

“MUM!!! COUNT!!”

“Oh shit sorry caz 1…2…3…”

it took 40mins if pushing and our little girl was out. I remember it felt like an eternity until she cried. I heard the doctor say “come on baby, come on now, breathe, breathe.” I was terrified I wouldn’t hear her cry… but she did. They placed her on my chest and immediately she silenced, and snuggled up to me. I cried my eyes out. It was the most beautiful, the most life changing moment. I’ll never forget it.

I suffered third degree tears, separated pelvis, it was rough (and don’t get me started on trying to go to the bathroom after!) went through 6 months of colic after that, not sleeping for more than 3hrs a night, To teething, to growth spurts, you name it. But she’s almost 2 and we’ve made it this far, I’m so excited to see where we go from here.

So mamas, I’m askin ya to up your stories, what happened to you in that chamber of birth? Did you suffer? Did you triumph? What went down? Fill me in! Today is YOUR DAY! You earned it! Happy Mother’s Day ladies!!!

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6 Responses to What’s your labour story?

  1. Karlie corsie says:

    My second born ardian I literally had no pain until after he was born and the epidural wore off 😂 my first born not so much. I was at home going down the stairs to yell at my dog who was barking and like you I thought I literally just pissed myself (water never broke with my first) my husband was like let’s go and I was like nah it’s just pee and as I said that I literally poured all over our bathroom floor and he’s like lol that’s not pee so we rushed to the hospital it was super confusing for me though because I was not in pain like at all when I arrived they said my water had definitely broke but I wasn’t having contractions they gave me the epidural first and then a drug to have the contractions therefore pain free labor ! I almost had to have a c section though because his heart rate was dropping and had a million people and a bunch of crap to measure his heart in my va jay 😭 no sooner then th saying that I went from 7 cm to 8 to 9 and boom had my little baby boy in like five or ten minutes and only a few pushes was crazy 😂 now I have two sweet little boys and another ( hopefully girl) on the way I’ll let you know in another comment how that one goes 😂💕

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    • Lol!!!! Well at least u didn’t suffer until after!!! And woohoo u n me are part of… 10% who’s waters broke naturally? Maybe 20 I can’t remember


      • Karlie corsie says:

        It was so weird because I had nooo idea it was my water breaking movies are lies 😂 my first born worst pain of my life I still cringe when I think about it 😭 and the anesthesiologist was at an emergency c section so I had to wait for the epidural and by the time he got there I was literally crying for it and the stupid nurse was offering me morphine or whatever drugs they give for pain and I said no my husband said no she looks at him and then me and said well you know it’s your choice like fu I said no lol ugh she was an awful old lady luckily with ardian I had the most kind young girl and she didn’t make me bounce around on and exercise ball in insane pain like that evil witch did

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      • Right! It sure as hell wasnt a big “flood” and it just keeps on comin!!!


  2. Alyssa says:

    I have two babies but my first was for sure the most “eventful” I guess you could say. My pregnancy was all rainbows and butterflies with my son for the most part, I absolutely loved being pregnant and everything was exactly how and where it should be. My due date was December 3rd and I had my 40 week doctor check up on the 2nd. As I lay down on the table and have the doctors fingys go up there to feel around, he gets a strange look on his face and says “this feels like a bum.” Being a first time mother I didn’t fully understand his concern.. “ok a bum, that’s a good thing, my baby has a bum..” as he removed his gloves and asked me to get back dressed I had an uneasy feeling. Fully back to clothed and sitting on the chair he says to me “your baby is breech, and we have 3 options. 1, we plan for you to have a c-section. 2, I go in and try to turn the baby the right way, although this could be painful for you and cause stress to the baby. Option 3, you deliver baby as is.” Ok now, I knew NOTHING about pregnancies and babies before this. I asked him what HE thought was best, and he has had a lot of experience delivering breech babies and felt confident in delivering my baby safely, so that was the option we chose. This was at about 2pm (give or take) so he phoned the hospital to see if they had a bed available for me and booked me in for 5:00pm that evening. Of course I went home and completely freaked out, started cleaning my house like a mad man and getting all the last minute things ready to go. When my hubby and I arrived at the hospital the nurses were waiting for me and welcomed me with open arms and big smiles. I got into my room and changed into MY nightgown, they went through everything with me and then finally got me hooked up to the IV so I could start being induced. The drip started and I was still feeling good. Jump ahead a few hours and the contractions started. Now I was one of those moms that wanted to do it the “all natural way” HA! After the morphine wore off because honestly, it doesn’t do sh*t, I started begging for the epidural. I AM TERRIFIED OF NEEDLES. I sat up and leaned over, anticipating this horrible pain, and boom! I hear a pop, following an EXCRUCIATING headache. He had went in too far. The headache was the worst part of my whole delivery. The epidural turned into a spinal tap and I was completely paralyzed from the waist down. I could not move or stand up, I had to be hooked up to a catheder. The anthestiologist (sp?) hung around all night, feeling so bad and guilty, making sure I was alright and bringing me coffees to help with the pounding headache. I couldn’t feel my contractions at this point and they had to tell me when to push. I did not feel my son being born at all, and when he came into this world 13 hours after I was induced, I was so shaken and completely out of it that I wasn’t even able to hold him first. He was born right on his due date, and I couldn’t have ever imagined such a beautiful baby. I had to have an epiosotomy just to help with him coming out breech. Every person, doctor included, who I tell that I’ve had a successful vaginal breech delievery is in total shock. In a lot of hospitals they do not even offer to do a vagina birth, it is always a cesarean. From day one he has always gone against the grain and done things his own way and I couldn’t love him more.
    As for my daughters pregnancy and delievery. I have never been in more pain in my life lol. Pregnancy was a nightmare and the epidural DID NOT make me paralyzed, which was unfortunate because I felt EVERYTHING lol. It really is true when they say every single one is different. ❤️

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    • Good lord woman!!!! My heart shuttered when u said the epidural went too far!!! U poor girl! And I tend to agree with the girls they seem to destroy us pregnancy wise lol. Well I hope for your sake you don’t have to deliver again! Congrats on ur two lovely children tho! Xoxo


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