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This summer I was honoured with a chance to work with the well- known Pablo B Ley, of Toronto, Ontario. He has shot some of the most beautiful women across the country, including Playboy Playmate Chloe Terae. His work is nothing less than breathtaking. The photos unedited are beautiful, but once he throws his magic photoshop skills into them they’re absolutely awe inspiring.
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When I found out that he was coming back to Calgary, naturally I jumped all over the opportunity.

Those of you who haven’t been keeping up, I’ve been busy as ever recently. So in order to fit myself into Pablo’s schedule, I had to wake up the Saturday morning at 5am. Drive to hair and makeup by 6:30. Race to the photoshoot by 9am. I had 45mins to shoot then I had to change really quickly then race to work.
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Out of the 45mins, here are these are the ones I chose for edits, and there is one more amazing picture, but that one will remain in my personal library. What can I say? I’ve reached the age where a dose of discreet is just classy 🙂


Anyway, here’s what we created. Of course, as always, thank you to Tara Smith for your amazing skill with my hair and makeup, without you I have nothing.
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To see more of Pablo’s work go to Pablo’s Facebook Page

Pablo’s Website
To work with my darling Hair and Makeup artist contact Tara Tara’s Facebook Page
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