BTS: Destination Wedding at Cherry Creek Estates, Kimberley, BC. For Calgary Bridal Guide 

I’ve been so excited to share this story with you all. 

(To see Calgary Bride’s Blog post with even more photos click HERE )

Early in April I received an email from the Editor of Calgary Bride congratulating me on our runway at Makefashion (which she is also part of) and asking if I had time to take part in a destination wedding shoot, mid April, in Kimberley BC. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity and begged my boss for the day off. 

I was even more honoured to find out, that when the editor pitched the idea to the Director of the Publication, and asked which model they should use, she apparently,  without hesitation said, “get Carolynne.”

I can’t tell you how much that means to me. 

When the morning of the 13th rolled around I was exhausted, but prepared. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my bag with my shoes and my pre-made road trip snack bag, fed the cats, and ran out the door at 4:45am. 

The drive to Kimberley was so beautiful. I didn’t go through Banff, but instead went south through the crowsnest pass. I found the scenery to be so calming and peaceful….until…

I was driving along blasting my music, when all of a sudden I heard a loud “BANG!” Like a gunshot, I swerved on the road, and immediately pulled over thinking I had blown a tire. 

Low and behold there was a can of pop wedged between the seat and passenger door, that must’ve cooled then heated then exploded. I honestly thought I was going to die!

As I pulled up to the estate my breath was taken away. The electric gates opened and I was elated to be at such a beautiful location as Cherry Creek Estate. As the road winds you get a full view of the grounds, several buildings with the potential to host quite an amazing wedding. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

I was first to arrive on site as I still had to get my hair and makeup done. I met the stylist and the photographers wife Leah, who did my makeup. Leah’s makeup

 I also I met Shannon Valente of Shannon Valente Weddings who styled the whole shoot. As I got ready we had a lovely lunch served to us in the magnificent mansion, as that is the main focal point of Cherry Creek Estate. In the photos below we were posed in front of this beautiful piece of architecture. 

Working with Kevan Wilkie of 6:8 PHOTOGRAPHY was delightful. He and his wife work together as a team, she did my makeup and helped tweak my poses, and he captured the magic within the lense. Together I feel they may be one of the best wedding photographer teams in the country. The photos that were taken are absolutely breathtaking. 

My wardrobe was provided by a lovely Boutique, Frocks Modern Brides and Bridesmaids Alexander’s  wardrobe was courtesy of  Ed Williams Menswear

Shannon Valente’s styling was so cute! It was a country style wedding, with lemonade and iced tea, chicken and waffles, and the most amazing candy bar (whenever I get married, I’m getting a candy bar!) 

We decided at the end of the shoot to head out into the wild and take some photos closer to the mountains. 

Here’s what you might’ve seen:

And here’s us playing around after a successful shoot!  

After the shoot Shannon gave us each a candy bag, and we all hugged and parted ways for the long drive home. (About 5hrs) Yet every single minute of it was worth it. Wearing the gowns by Frocks I felt like a princess, the whole team was so positive, the photographer Kevan and his wife Leah were so accommodating, Shannon and Catherine were like my fairy godmothers always there for when we needed them. 

I must admit, anytime Calgary Bride needs me, I will move heaven and earth to work with them. There is no establishment I hold more respect and esteem for than the ladies at Calgary Bride. Thank you so much for having me as one of your models. I am so incredibly blessed to know you ladies, work with you, and create magic so others can recreate it for their special days. 


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