Messiah Complex

Today, I managed to check off something on my bucket list. Seen as though I could not make it to my uncles funeral, I was surprised with front row tickets to see Russell Brand. So I dolled myself up, and went to the jubilee and lined up to see this personality who so far had only the impressions he’d given me from television and writing.
It was only recently I had started reading his books, I found it strange how certain aspects of his childhood rang familiar in my own. Not only that but his vocabulary and use of educational padding in his writing was a delightful change from the bog standard, American takes of “Hollywood glamour” Finally someone showed the world what it’s like to be English. You think the world is judgey? You didn’t grow up 80’s, 90’s England. We’re the poster children for confused, perhaps why we’ve made such steps to be enlightened in adulthood.
Anyway. De railing.
I was sitting front row in my seat and I heard strange Tibetan music in the background, I remember thinking “I bet he’s meditating backstage” and he probably was.
He came on stage shortly after, and we all cheered and applauded. When he said “oi” we all yelled oi back at him and I think caught him off guard! After that he asked for the lights to be turned up so he could see us. I then proceeded to say “hello russell!” And he turned! Looked right at me! And said “fucking ‘ell you’re alright aren’t ya!” (Alright in England means “hot”, well in that context anyway, if someone says “u alright? That actually means “how are you.” Anyway, de railing again) well, that made my day, Russell brand said I was hot.
He did the show, longer than most comedians, he’s definitely not a premature-leave the stage guy 🙂
When he was done I sprinted front n centre and yelled “Russell!!!” And he turned to me, sauntered towards me like a cat, and said “yes” I begged him to sign my books, and he did, again saying “you’re alright! Where u from!” And giving me those deep dark almost celtic old eyes. The talk was the usual banter, I didn’t care, I was just happy I’d caught his attention. I then asked him for a picture and he pulled my head towards his groin and I smiled and took the pic! It was my life long mission to have a book signed by an author, let alone both of his books! I’m absolutely over the moon, I got to meet an amazing talent, have him sign my books, take a pic, and as a bonus got to touch his genitals. All in all, it was a great night!!!!




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