How can we blame others for plastic when we’re also the problem?

Photo provided by The Ocean Legacy Foundation

Welcome to the plastocalypse, where plastic has literally invaded every segment of our world. It’s not only packaged on our food, it’s in our phones, our cars, our clothes, and it’s even getting into the food we eat. Plastic pollution is a serious problem. We can all point fingers at the large corporations for providing it in the first place, but we all played a part in this. Every purchase we make of single use plastic creates an effect. If we want change, then it’s going to have to start with us.

And that’s why Natural Talent Alliance, in collaboration with the Victoria International Marina, and The Ocean Legacy Foundation, created the Future Oceans Fashion Show.

Photo by Andras Schram, Model Stephanie Cogs

A fashion show like none other, 10 designers from around the world will be utilizing reclaimed ocean plastics and wastes and turning them into couture wearable art pieces which our esteemed models will then strut down Canada’s longest runway. We are also featuring some of the top lines of eco sustainable fashion in and around western Canada. It is essential to us not only to create awareness, but to establish circular economies throughout the world to secure solid sustainability not only on an individual or corporate level, but on a global one.

Photo by Peace Boat US

Members of our associations have been invited to speak with the UN on the Peace Boat US to discuss our project and how we plan to initiate change. As an official partner of the UN Nations World Oceans Day, Peace boat will hold a range of events on board the ship together with partners from the UN and civil society working to protect our oceans.

Photo courtesy of Victoria International Marina

Join us at the beautiful Victoria International Marina on July 1st, 2019, not only for this amazing event but to launch the Grand Opening of Canada’s first green, luxury-super yacht marina!

This event will be an absolute hit! But we need your support…

To find out how you can assist us in this endeavour (whether it be through sponsorship or volunteering) please reach out to us at NTA at we’d love to chat.

Do you care? Then I’ll see you there, July 1, 2019. Get your tickets here

Photo by Andras Schram, Model Stephanie Cogs
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