The Fifth Retail Announcement

17th Ave SW Calgary is in for a delectable revelation! Arlington Street Investments are announcing their retail lineup for their newest project, The Fifth, located on the coveted corner of 17th avenue and 5th Street SW.

The mixed-use development boasts 52 luxury apartments at already 50% pre leased, and a rooftop patio overlooking the beauty of Calgary’s picturesque skylines from all angles. Not only will tenants be situated central to the downtown core, but they will also have the privilege of travelling down a glass elevator, and walking out their door to their favorite retailers on the main floor.

Selecting the retail offerings was no simple feat, as CEO Frank Lonardelli had a clear vision of the development’s inception back in 2017 when he first acquired the site. The retailers would have to be unique, providing products and services deserving of their own upper echelon. The layout and designs compliment each tenant to their requirements, and they are proud to say they will have the largest outdoor patio space on 17th avenue SW to date.

Construction began in late fall of 2019, unbeknownst to what would conflict Arlington, and every business for that matter, in spring of 2020. When asked how the company overcame the obstacles ahead of them, Lonardelli stated: “It was 8 months into Covid… arguably close to the most negative point of the pandemic and we had halted construction of our 5th project. As we sat on a Saturday looking out the window of our building, directly across the street at our 5th site, our team in unity said:” We have to move forward on this project.” Not withstanding the team’s conviction, our leasing professionals suggested this would be the worst time to launch a project; but they were committed to working and accomplishing our pre-stated goal and our company vision.” That commitment has secured a 100% leased, retail floor, ready to serve patrons upon residential leasing commencing this coming fall.

Without further ado, please welcome these amazing retailers to The 5th:

Bro’s To Go

Bro’s To Go is a concept that was developed back in 2018 where the owners of The Bro’kin Yolk felt that there was a gap between high quality and fast service. They wanted to create an environment where consistent, friendly service is paired with an amazing breakfast sandwich on the go!

Their top feature is their unique and tasty breakfast sandwich along with the usual customer service you would typically receive when you dine at The Bro’kin Yolk!

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @brostogo

Facebook: @brostogo

Nue Cocktail Bar

Craft Cocktails, great food and music that makes you want to move, combined with an elegant setting, yet designed to be friendly is what makes Nue Cocktail Bar a place for nonconformists. Focusing on unique and daring creations for the beginner and seasoned cocktail enthusiast, every time you, your date and your group of friends walk through the doors, you’ll know you’ve stepped into something Nue.

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @nueyyc


Cinnaholic serve custom, gourmet cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies and more. (Have you seen their instagram? Save your cheat day for this place it looks tasty!)

They are renowned for being 100% Vegan, and all products are free of dairy, eggs, lactose and cholesterol.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: @cinnaholic.calgary

Instagram: @cinnaholic.calgary

The Mash

The Mash offer Craft Beer and Craft Pizza. They are one of a kind in that they cater to dine-in as well as take-out and delivery. They stress that those who dine-in are there to enjoy themselves for as long as they like (Think, the Starbucks of beer and pizza). It is about building the culture in-house and making sure those who come in, feel like hanging out for a while. And those who need to grab and go, can do so swiftly.

They are vertically integrated and sell mainly Half Hitch products. With that, the pizza is also made with their brewers’ spent grain, which adds flavour, texture, and most importantly added nutrients to the pizza crust. Both beer and pizza are quite profitable in of themselves. Given the model from a location and dine-in perspective is about building a culture, they emphasize customer service and dine-in experience as having the utmost importance. Going above and beyond for their customers is what will set anyone above others. This is where they look to pride themselves.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: @HalfHitchBrewing


Instagram: @HalfHitchBrewing


Burnin Bird

Burnin Bird will be serving Nashville Hot Chicken.  The chicken will be prepared as hot as you can handle from Naked to Burnin.  You decide.  

Their top feature is simply put… The best Nashville Hot Chicken in Calgary.

Social Media Links:


Amato Gelato

Amato Gelato has been a family business for over 90 years. You may be familiar with their Kensington location, but this one has a twist. They will be serving an Italian Dessert Bar with alcohol, cocktails, and Italian Espresso; paired with authentic Italian pastries, pizza and paninis. Not to mention stellar Gelato, throughout all main hours of the day.

Dino, the owner comes from a proud lineage of gelato makers. The naming of the business comes from two sources: Amato in Italian translates to “I love,” and is additionally the name of the town his family hails from.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: @AmatoGelatoAlberta

With all these amazing retailers and already 50% of the apartments pre leased, I would urge those looking to locate to the hub of Calgary to contact Kelsey, Leasing Manager @ 403.560.3932 to secure your home today!

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