Time to drop the F@ck!ng Facade

The pressure to look good has never been more intense on people of all ages these days, and as a former model, I’m calling out the bullshit.

Thanks to: filters, fillers, lighting, makeup, body garments, photoshop/ping apps, plastic surgery etc we are constantly being lied to and told what we should look like, when in actual fact no one really looks like that without some serious cash or digital effects. The stress to maintain these personas expected by society can be so exhausting… which is why more than often I look like a goddamn mountain troll these days instead of being all dolled up.

Now instead of roasting some celebrity without makeup, I’ll take the floor and roast myself, because hell, these were taken 7 yrs ago and trust me, you don’t want to see me without makeup now!

So unless you’re completely blind you’ll notice some major differences between each set of pictures. In this case the only differing factor is makeup.

So what’s wrong with this? Why do I cringe at the idea of even posting this? What happened to us that we are so very repulsed by our reflection in the mirror instead of how we look when filtered? Why has society programmed us so hard to believe that we are always less, to keep us wanting more.

Consumerism has us by the balls. Fake is the new flirty.

I wish had some advice on how to curb this movement, but I don’t. All the industries that push these narratives are multi billion dollar brands… unless the sheep wake up we’ll all just trot prettily over the edge while try to maintain the f@cking facade.

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