Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Finale

Can we all just take a moment and applaud the Duffer Brothers, the cast and crew for this brilliant piece of art.

I, like many diehard fans, waited up until 12am PST (1am in my world) to catch the first drop of the show. My tv only lagged for about a minute, so I must’ve been ahead of the millions of others who got locked out (sorry y’all!)

So… what happened?

First of all, we got our girl 11 back. And who among us can say they felt in tune with her this season? Cause I certainly did. As someone who was severely bullied growing up this season hit me hard. Prior to these episodes when eleven said she didn’t fit in “anywhere” I felt that. But our girl got her spark back so to speak, and we’re about to see what eleven can actually do.

Are any of us actually surprised about the prison/lab in Russia? They’ve always had some huge part in this, but it’s no surprise they’re poking prodding the Demi dogs to see what makes them tick. In a strange way, the cinematography almost makes you feel bad for the creature, now that’s some serious skill. Almost in the way we felt sorry for Dart in season 2. “I’m sorry…. You ate my cat.” LMFAO. I felt for dart until he ate Mews… after that dart was on my shit list. No matter how much he purrs while eating nougat.

Argyle, Jonathan, Mike and Will still continue their dazed trip on the way to get El, and we finally see what Will was painting. It’s pretty cool, honestly I was sort of expecting something else, but neat how it all poured in. I noticed the symbol on mikes armour was 2/3 of the claddagh, an Irish emblem on many wedding/engagement rings. Where the crown stands for loyalty and the heart for love. Despite your opinions on Mike he is loyal to a fault, and has much heart, which, makes him react quite emotionally sometimes, but him and will definitely have the higher EQ of the bunch.

I had a feeling El would be ready for them when they got there, and thanks to some keen eyes from Argyle, their timing couldn’t be more perfect. While the military chopper snipes down papa with 3 hits, El, clad in a destruction collar, destroys the chopper and the entire fleet of vehicles. In papa’s last moments he deactivates El’s collar, and begs for her understanding. But much as any child who had been abused or hurt by an elder, El feels no remorse for him. Maybe a twinge for the loyalty that her Stockholm syndrome had induced, but once she grew up and saw the image in full perspective, and what happened to her mother, she simply says “goodbye papa,” and walks away.

Powerful. Papa dies.

Then we get the pivotal moment of all the best adventure movies from the 80’s/90’s, a deadly build up where they prepare for war. We saw it in Monster Squad, Lost Boys, Commando, Predator, etc. and these were always such an amazing build up for the coup de gras

It seems like a great plan, but the second I heard Jason’s voice in the gun shop the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I always hated guys like that in school, and the actor portrayed him perfectly. I knew we’d have issues cause that guy just has a habit of showing up at some of the worst times.

Is it just me, or did hopper get hot? (Lol, most of the fans are swooning Mike or Steve, then there’s me going for hopper… does this mean I’m old now?) or maybe it’s the broken down man thing, (I totally liked Billy too) I’m always a sucker for that (ask my bf lol) but we finally get to see hopper and Joyce kiss, and that was worth it. I swear if either of them die before they’re able to properly be together I will snap.

I love how Argyle figures out how to make elevens salt bath. This guy helps save the world while making pizza at the same time!!! That must be what that phone number message said…. Don’t know what phone numbers I mean??? Here…

Yuri- 907-206-7700

Murray- 618-625-8313

Argyle – 805-457-4992

Nina Project- 202-968-6161

Yes they are all legit. Google it.

We even get redemption for Yuri, while most of us would’ve offed him a long time ago, him and Katinka will rise to the occasion when needed. I wondered how Enzo was going to persuade him to hurry up, goes to show you really do catch more flies with honey sometimes, honey and reverse psychology.

Once the phases begin being implemented, we see a truly, well thought out plan by the youngsters.

Seeing Erica run outside with the lantern and place it in the iron structure at the end of the street was smart. Then radioing to Dustin and Eddie to start phase 2…. Oh my god y’all… phase 3…

“Initiating Phase 3… this one’s for you Chrissy!” How effing epic was this scene!!!! I’m in a few groups on Facebook, and one user predicted it being this song from the preview and they absolutely nailed it. The guitar solo was so perfect. But those damn Demi-bats get smart and Eddie decides not to run away anymore, he decides he wants to be a hero… and all the Netflix fans waited with baited breath, praying Eddie could outrun the bats… he fought valiantly… and Dustin even tried to save him… but he was too late. We lost Eddie y’all. (Cue millions of fans worldwide bawling)

Watch his video here MOST METAL EVER!!!!

Master of Puppets – Eddie Munson (Metallica)

At a point there after we lose Eddie, we see Nancy, Steve, and Robin all get swept up in Vecna’s tentacles, we see Erica get pinned down by some jock douche ( at this point I was flipping out, if they harm a hair on Erica’s head there will be Hell to pay!!!)

And then that punk Jason comes after our boy Lucas right when Max needs him most. And we were all losing it in our homes. Our beloved Maxine Mayfield, the darling Sadie Sink herself, is pulled into the air by Vecna. (Also, does anyone know why vecna has one MASSIVE hand and the other is normal??? Just wondering) anyway, we’re all losing it as her arm snaps, her leg snaps, and she falls right on top of Lucas. And despite the entire world splitting around him, Lucas just stayed there holding her. Oh my heart.

And then finally… finally. We get to see a reunion we waited all season for… Hopper and El. And she sobbed “I left the door open 3 inches” and we all sobbed with her.

We see cars bailing from Hawkins as fast as they can, and how the remaining residents are going to recover from this tragedy. As little Holly celebrates the snow in spring, we all know the truth. The dust, the flayer has infiltrated the current time. The rip in the fabric is now allowing the upside down to leak through. Setting all Hell loose on Hawkins.

What will happen in the final season 5? Will they defeat Vecna/001/Henry Creel once and for all? For now, we wait. Do your magic Duffer Bros, we can’t wait to see what you produce!!!

Ps. Our group member Hugo Silva made this for me! If you want yours, send him:

“Send a photo of you (not smiling) for me to make a stranger things poster with you. It´s free. But if you pay something on paypal i´ll put you upfront !

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