Presents from Cats

I was sitting outside smoking last night around midnight. I could hear the siren cry of the coyotes near by, and the hooting of the gigantic owl that hangs around our house.
I then heard a cat cry, it sounded lost. I meowed and kissy-noised back, and low and behold Shady, my oldest cat, comes running to me from behind the house.
Instantly my heart filled with panic. “What if the owl or the coyotes got shady? Oh my god where’s Lucifer!? ” with shady curled to my chest I ran down to the basement door yelling for Lucifer. But he was curled up and content on my bed. What a good cat, I thought.
I closed and locked the door and went to get into bed.
I pulled the covers onto me and a heavy, furry ball landed on me. I turned on the light, and what looked like a DEAD MOUSE lay stiff on top of my chest.
Instantly I squeeled, jumped out of bed, picked the rigid little corpse up and put it outside!
I ripped the sheets off and changed them and eventually managed to fall asleep.
When I awoke to inspect the creature, it was in fact a vole, similar to a mole, and it looked like just a baby.
But lucifer, the proud little hunter he is, went into the wild and caught him, killed him, and placed him in my bed to show me how good he did…
Thanks lucifer…. Next time leave him on the doorstep ok?.

Here’s a pic of lucifer and one of his “present”



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2 Responses to Presents from Cats

  1. Lenzwizard says:

    Our fur kids show us their love in such funny but creepy ways sometimes. But we still love them back nonetheless. 🙂


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