The Amazing Andras Schram


It is with great honour and pleasure that I introduce the viewers of my blog to a spectacular gentleman who helped me accomplish my best photo shoot to date.
The photographer who captured this magic is none other than the highly reputable Andras Schram. Thanks to this amazing shoot we got a 6 page feature spread in the middle of LUXE Magazine. And it’s the talk of the town.

0Z9A5589 - Version 2

I was getting ready in hair and makeup for what was already the biggest shoot of my life. When the photographer walked in I almost fainted. I had been following his work for over a year, his underwater shoots are out of this world, and the bridal shoots in Europe… absolutely breathtaking. He extended his hand and said “hi, I’m Andras Schram” I said “I know who you are! I love your work!”
Naturally I was terrified I wouldn’t be a good enough model!

0Z9A5585 - Version 2 0Z9A5573
But when the shoot started Andras was not only accommodating but coaching and caring as well! He helped me work through posing (even with rush hour traffic) tried to make sure someone fed me (the boys on set ate all the pizza) and when we had to reshoot had no problem meeting with me again to get the extra images we needed as we ran out of light the first day. (Which was neither of our fault, but nonetheless we worked around it amicably without any issue.)
When the images were printed in LUXE magazine, I cried. I have never been portrayed so beautifully in all my life. Andras caught the dress, the setting, the emotion, and snapped shots reminiscent of Vogue Magazine.
I can honestly say I am blessed to be one of Andras’s models, to have been part of his creative genius is a honour I will hold for the rest of my life.
0Z9A4963 0Z9A4974 0Z9A4975

Andras is not only a great photographer, but an amazing human being, he has a huge heart and a love for people. Born in Budapest, Hungary, and married with two daughters, he says people are what inspire him, he finds photography to be stress free ( and stress relieving) and loves creating art every chance he gets. In 2002 his capture of a contemplative homeless man won him the title of Portrait Photographer of the Year from Fujifilm. (Wow!)

I adore this man not only as a colleague but as a respected friend and artist. Anyone who has worked with him knows the calibre of skill he brings to a shoot. If you want someone out of this world, this man is your choice.
I look forward to what else we shoot this year! Let’s see if we can beat the famous grey dress!!

All photos are property of Andras Schram:

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3 Responses to The Amazing Andras Schram

  1. Edward Ross says:

    As a colleague and close friend of Andras, I appreciate this post! He is a talent, and a fantastic human being! Beautiful shots and fabulous style!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joy says:

    Gorgeous photos!


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