2014 in review:

I started out this year with many hopes, a little bit faith, and a lot of determination.




First there was my shoot with Dan Chabot. Some of you may recall I left this shoot with a giant gash on my ass! If you don’t, read here Watch Your Ass


Then I went and worked up a mountain for Disney….


I had also been talking back and forth with a darling gentleman by the name of Paul Spenard. He found my blog and some of my fashion work and took me under his wing. He insisted I come to a shoot one cold day (literally, it was a record breaking day,) and there I met Kada, Valrie, Via, And Darcy. Also, I met my wonderful friend and new mentor Gary Evans, who constantly coaches me and works with me to ensure my safety and success, (and correct grammar!).My first group of the Calgary fashion scene. I loved working with them, we only fired some test shots of me, but little did I know that shoot would get me a lot more work to come.

2014-01-06 01.17.35 2014-01-06 01.23.03

Valries designs: https://www.facebook.com/cherrychicdesigns

Pauls work: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eye-Squared/163559660743

My good friend (fitness model) Niki Middleton was double booked for promo and asked if I could take her spot at the World of Wheels event. I did, and in doing so met Chris Jericho in the back hallways! He’s perhaps one of the biggest inspirations in my life to date! He follows me on Twitter, and if I ever have any industry questions he always helps me out! Such a great Canadian.

20140224-230039.jpg 20140224-230819.jpg

Just as my career was starting to take off… My relationship was finally dwindling.

I discovered my boyfriend had cheated on me again, and this time I finally walked away. I went back to my parents sobbing. And once more tried to regain my composure and put the pieces of my life back together …


I did my first full bodypaint event, where we were painted like Gold statues for a James Bond theme party

http://carolynnescoffield.com/2014/02/23/golden-girls/20140223-011005.jpg 20140223-011014.jpg

I went to a fitting for Make Fashion, something Paul insisted I get involved with. Last minute the designer messaged me to say she was dropping me cause my boobs were too big. I thought all was lost. But then I was cast by the Illuminated Vintage Design team, and I couldn’t have been happier.

At my first fitting with them, I met someone amazing. This fabulous little gay man walked into endeavour arts gallery, and owned the entire room. He was picking at girls hair, making faces, saying was needed to be done and what didn’t. Instantly I felt some strange connection, like my mind said “you must be friends with this person,”
I’m happy to say now he’s not only my colleague, but a dear friend who I trust with my life, and more importantly, my hair! This darling person is my master hair stylist Jason Mellor.

Also from the make fashion crowd I met: Catherine, Christy, Dan, Erin, Jade, Whitney, Ben, Benish, Edith, Julie.

When show time came on March 1, I couldn’t have been prouder with our team. We absolutely stole the show.

20140302-020145.jpg2014-03-04 14.15.15


The next week was YYC fashion week, and there I teamed up with a whole other set of fashionistas!

Eloise, grace, Eva, Stephanie, Katerina, Youlea, zev, mark, maysa, miriam, (mira pucchi), sam, (hair booth)




20140509-073640.jpg 20140315-140502.jpg 20140310-002053.jpg 20140310-002044.jpg 20140309-011142.jpg 20140309-011134.jpg 20140309-010940.jpg

In April I met my best friend….

I had put together a Canadian hockey series and lined up two photographers to shoot it. Last minute the hair and makeup artists couldn’t commit to what I needed and I was up shit creek. My photographer Dan happened to be sitting with makeup artist Tara Carter, and I remember trying to explain feebly to her on the phone what i wanted in makeup. I was certain when i got off the phone that she thought I was mentally off balance or not quite there. (I’m terrible with makeup)
But when we met the next day we hit it off, and I can honestly say the rest of this year would not have happened without her. I love you Blue.

20140406-091424.jpg 20140408-220938.jpg 20140412-214444.jpg 20140416-000251.jpg 20140417-213746.jpg


Photographer: Dan Chabot

I won tickets to David Guetta, and for the first time ever went out and pulled an all nighter before a fashion show. I showed up to the wearable arts show, at 9am for fittings and body paint, still wrecked from the night before, but looking absolutely fabulous! At one point Troy Young smiled at me and said “you, go lie down somewhere.”

2014-05-24 11.37.382014-05-26 12.10.24

I met darling designer Jenny Frank, Amanda Toszer, scarlett, Avant garde designer cat taeo, Anthony yuen,  chuck szmurlo, melody kielek, and erin winters.









2014-05-24 19.47.2920140526-004435-2675272.jpg 20140526-004424-2664555.jpg 20140526-004459-2699514.jpg 20140526-004428-2668015.jpg

I modelled at the Comic Expo, and met the amazing Drea De Matteo, who’s far more fabulous in person (if you can believe it, she’s pretty dope on TV too!) I also met Tom Felton (Drako Malfoy of Harry Potter) and Vivica A Fox!
There I teamed up with my crew Hailan, Jim, And Jessica and we had a blast!


20140504-092816.jpg 20140504-090724.jpg 20140504-092905.jpg 20140504-093108.jpg 20140504-093049.jpg 20140504-093256.jpg 20140427-233031.jpg 20140427-233052.jpg 20140426-233941.jpg 20140427-232957.jpg 20140427-232936.jpg

I did a shoot for Jason and Troy wearing designs by Marina Ortman…





I did a shoot for LUXE and Make Fashion and there I met Lynn, the lady who can make anything happen. With her help I was chosen to be the model for the grey dress that she literally dreamt up.
I also met friend and colleague Lyana Gibert, ivonne beeskow, Kyle nyklund, and Edward Ross.





I did a shoot with Nikki Harrison and Tara Carter20140528-220304-79384665.jpg 20140528-220304-79384327.jpg

NHarrison-Car-4 NHarrison-Car-3

In May I got to meet my Aunty for the first time. Some of you may remember I found my long lost nana after 50yrs of separation between her and my father. My Aunty Kim came to visit with her husband and daughter Daisy. We went dog sledding for the first time in my life, it was an epic experience. I think everyone should try it at least once.


I did a WICKED shoot with Armand Flores, Tara Carter and Sherwin Esmilla for Scion!!!20140519-181815-65895148.jpg 20140512-004023.jpg 20140526-223239-81159283.jpg

2014-04-08 18.51.50

I also took the front cover of my first magazine!!!! Canadian Trucking Magazine! I was the centrefold pullout and everything! I’m still very proud of that and huge thank you to Collin mcafee and Dave Mckenzie for that one!



June was packed. I worked the Global Petroleum Show and met Chuck Liddell.

20140611-220621-79581636.jpg 20140611-220620-79580670.jpg

I did an Earth Goddess shoot with Jen freedman and Tara Carter


1977380_10152331824561570_8885824524939989922_n2014-09-30 23.29.25



I modelled for two back to back Pakistani fashion shows. The Andaaz fashion fete, and Fashion Charisma.

The best part about Andaaz fashion fete, was my nana got to be there. I met her for the first time that year and she came right at my birthday, and got to see me do my catwalk, 8 times that day too! She saw me in tons of outfits! I felt like I was in kindergarten all over again, standing in the lineup thinking “did you see me nana?! Did you see me!!!??? HI NANA!!!!!” It took everything in me to not wave from the stage like a complete dork!





HAIR BY RAMZA!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hair-By-Ramza/138879262979174




20140617-011209-4329459.jpg 20140617-011211-4331736.jpg 20140617-011212-4332415.jpg 20140617-011243-4363871.jpg 20140617-011243-4363285.jpg 20140617-011247-4367494.jpg 20140617-011246-4366189.jpg 20140617-011245-4365560.jpg 20140617-011246-4366723.jpg 20140617-011333-4413109.jpg 20140617-011335-4415259.jpg 20140617-011334-4414467.jpg 20140617-011333-4413676.jpg 20140617-011400-4440235.jpg


20140624-232934-84574533.jpg 20140624-232935-84575186.jpg 20140624-232935-84575783.jpg 20140624-232936-84576160.jpg 20140624-232936-84576358.jpg 20140623-235413-86053548.jpg 20140623-235410-86050583.jpg 20140623-235409-86049658.jpg 20140623-235407-86047236.jpg 20140623-235147-85907176.jpg



I also MC’d on my birthday for the first Behind the Curtain Fashion show, which sadly, was the last show for now, dearly departed designer Ruby Ellen. There I modelled for Personalize it Fashion, Mackenzie Jones designs, and Ruby Ellen Designs. I also arm wrestled Nick the Ring MMA fighter lol. I met the wonderful Larry and Lauren Mayell, Mackenzie Jones, Debra Kelly, Greg Harder, Daiana Sioui, Jaclyn Maier, and the darling Eden Rodriguez, and my makeup was done by the lovely Tara Carter, as always !








10487241_10152534763376972_7858452586094908806_n 10483856_794626983890120_7426471171495968955_n 1-IMG_0285 1-IMG_0289 10462990_332487880239122_66498218639064368_n photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

Near the end of the month I moved out again. I found a quaint little basement apartment in the ghetto and thought it would be ok for now…

At the end of the month I took a crew of girls to Tail Creek and modelled for Bacardi. It was an amazing experience. I got us backstage passes and everything. (My backstage pass is framed on my bookshelf! I know I’m a dork)

2014-06-27 17.34.26 2014-06-27 17.45.30-1 2014-06-28 04.07.29 2014-06-30 10.05.09

My Facebook page hit 10,000 fans so I did this…. http://youtu.be/ynkGcypUauE

I walked the Splash Fashion show….



Went to see Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea with my girl Tara and almost knocked someone out!!!


20140715-010216-3736124.jpg 20140715-010213-3733128.jpg 20140715-010922-4162765.jpg 20140715-010215-3735777.jpg


I did a shoot with Dan Chabot and Tara Carter and MY KITTIES!


My first article was published in Wild Girl UK!


I had an amazing night out with my girl Spencer, and on the way back I found a tiny kitten on the side of the road!!! I still remember her tiny cry for help. She was such a loving little thing, but I already had 2 cats in a bachelor apartment so, I begrudgingly gave her away to my best friends Ryan and Kim. I’m happy to report that “katnip everdeen” is the happiest little kitten with her new family.



I did 3 shoots with Andre Goulet and Tara Carter


20140227-001826.jpg 20140227-004736.jpg20140526-223245-81165084.jpg 20140526-223542-81342699.jpg20140731-003444-2084059.jpg 20140730-081617-29777452.jpg

I’ve never worked as much in my life as I did last August…

I did a beautiful fairy shoot that was published later in the year on Faerie Magazine Blog with Troy Young, Tara Carter and Tara’s daughters Tayla and Tacoma.


I shot a look book for Valrie of Cherry Chic with Paul Spenard:

1907384_612909178825744_3642075166581386110_n 10489977_612909175492411_1410794830173685840_n 2014-06-14 15.32.45 2014-06-14 15.35.15-1


I did a gorgeous shoot with my darling friend Nicholas Kunn and Tara Carter….

IMG_9587 IMG_9597 IMG_9591 IMG_9593 IMG_9866-0.JPG IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9601 IMG_9600 IMG_9588 IMG_9596

I did a shoot with Lewis Stichy and Tara that turned out surprisingly well!


0B0A8232B 0B0A8257B 1-0B0A8292 - Copy 10515184_10152198917011570_1980123609664089811_o

Jason took me to the worlds best garage sale, where I bought my first Louis Vuitton for $20, and I met one of my best friends, designer Dianne Gibson, the lady behind the famous grey dress.

I reunited with the Amazing Illuminated Vintage team and added some more stellar fashion crew to the mix!
Erin winters and Tim Nguyen!!!



TQN_1960 TQN_2272_sm TQN_2254_sm TQN_1898-Edit_sm

I got pneumonia…..

My car got smashed in and robbed….

I did my first photo shoot with my besties Randy Porter and Tara Carter!!!! Can’t ever figure out why it took us so long to get shit together before (mostly my fault lol) but wow! We make beautiful pictures!!!


IMG_9403 IMG_9390 IMG_9405 IMG_9401 20140803-014917-6557466.jpg 20140802-003930-2370742.jpg

I got booked by COVERGIRL!!! So when they asked if I knew a model to bring naturally I said SPENCER and her and I went to work for COVERGIRL at the Katy perry concert.

2014-08-29 21.51.02 2014-08-29 21.46.44 2014-08-29 21.45.34 2014-08-29 21.46.14 2014-08-30 01.14.01 2014-08-30 01.12.46

In September I modelled at Bridal Expo, had a fitting for my grey dress shoot and in that was cast for another shoot that weekend (the steampunk bridal shoot editorial in LUXE)

there i met scott and trena!





Worked X fest with  Taralyn and did another photo shoot with Randy but this time he put me in the water in a bridal dress! The results were sooo worth the second bout of pneumonia!

SEE THE PAIN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gWc9Slu1m8

IMG_9949.JPG IMG_0004 IMG_0010 IMG_0063IMG_0590IMG_0438

I also had to move last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, and had to subject myself and my kitties to being crammed in one room with some Arrogant-French ex boyfriend who thought he could own me… (Remember this guy? )

We shot the grey dress…. The famous grey dress.

0Z9A5598 0Z9A5573

I modelled in the hair show for L’anza and met celebrity hair stylist Amy Freudenberg


IMG_0539 IMG_0541 IMG_0544

Thankfully in October I found somewhere to move and did. Immediately. I took a little break from work as my health had seriously begun to decline since id been trapped in a room for 6weeks with pneumonia and two cats.

I did a lovely vintage, great gatsby style shoot with Csaba Diglics and Lyana Gibert

10681488_748066051925404_1679761701_n10695196_748074035257939_1972101296_n - Copy - Copy16722_585081474936729_1522710793902427354_n - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy10669988_636755873088301_4609238666821677268_n - Copy - Copy 10705183_748841618514514_1957432021_n - Copy - Copy - Copy

In November I only did one shoot, a dark beauty collaboration with Randy, Tara and Dianne Gibson. I think Randy still thinks we’re going to hell for shooting in a graveyard.

IMG_0788 IMG_0790IMG_1464

At the end of the month I walked the runway for the 8th time that year, in the locks and frocks show for Jason and Apt 22.

To book Jason contact Jami Symons Salon:







IMG_1302 IMG_1295-1.PNG

In December I sort of got back to the swing of things.
I booked the Christmas show at spruce meadows were I met Diane, Joni and Saskia.

I did two milk shoots with Troy Young and Tara Carter. In the second I met Paul, Shane, and Wayne.







I cried when I got mine….





The music video I shot last year was finally released!


My parents went to England for Christmas so I stayed out in High River and dog sat.

I ended the year being a sushi model!

IMG_1716 IMG_1702

I can’t tell you how happy I am to say I met all these wonderful people last year. That my only goal in the year, to be published in a magazine, happened not once, not twice, but three times, and the third being out of this world. Sometimes you wonder if maybe you just fluked out, but when you keep hitting every gig on the head every single time, you start to wonder…..

What’s in store next?

Cheers to the New Year my loves, last year was a blast.

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