I Am Maltese

No, I am not a dog. Nor am I a chocolate or a falcon. It has occurred to me that few people in this world know of Malta or those of us who descend from there, so allow me to enlighten you all to the magic that is Malta. 

Malta is a tiny country off the coast of Sicily. It has been inhabited since around 5000BC. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. There the people speak Maltese and English. The capital city is Valletta. 

Malta has been ruled by 9 different nations: the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Sicilians, the Moors, the Normans, the Spanish, the French and the British. 

Malta gained major recognition in WWII as a pivotal naval base, in fact, the whole island has a militant feel, with its high walled cities, fortresses hidden among the rocks by the sea, it truly is an amazing sight. 

The people tend to have dark hair and eyes (like myself) and are for the most part Christian. 

It is famed for its stunning rock formations, crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. You may have seen in it feature films like GLADIATOR, 300, or the old classic POPEYE with the late Robin Williams was entirely filmed there. 

Malta is beautiful, but few people in North America even know it exists. I was both embarrassed and astonished by the Americans on last years amazing race, none of which had ANY idea where Malta was. 

So the next time I say I’m Maltese, it’s actually a race, ethnic region, nationality. If you don’t believe me go check with the almighty God of Google. 

Makeup by Aprille lu 

Hair by Vanessa Mena 


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