5 Crucial points to maintain coloured hair.

Freddy fact of the week:

All too often I see girls get a beautiful, vibrant colour, it lasts one week and the next week the same girl’s hair looks busted and as though it hasn’t been styled in weeks…
So what happened? 
Well girls you HAVE to take care of your hair, if you don’t know how to, that’s cool I got you covered ..
There’s 5 crucial things you need to keep in mind in order to maintain your colour: 
2. Wash with colour treated shampoo and conditioner from a SALON as it will be free of sulfates (sulfates dry the hair out, leaving it brittle, it’s also a cleansing agent so it literally strips the colour from your hair). 
3. Wash in cold water for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wash. This closes the cuticle, sealing the colour in. 
4. Try to use dry shampoo to spare another day without washing your hair. 
5. Use a Leave in conditioner as it also keeps the cuticle closed, also moisturizes, protects from heat, and reflects the light making it much more lustrous. (Aka shiny 🙂 
So there you have it! 5 simple tips to save you colouring your hair every two weeks. 

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Hair advice: hair stylist Jason Mellor

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