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Behind The Scenes of The Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition

” And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the winners of the Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition 2023…” But first… let’s rewind and establish how we got here… Case Comp 2022… In spring of 2021 I was … Continue reading

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A sea of endless questionsfloods my once crisp mind.While I can look,it’s as though I am blind. When I peer into the glassI do not know who I see,The person staring is a ghost,A shell of who I used to … Continue reading

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Why Men Cheat

While watching “Luminaries” on Amazon Prime, I was stunned by a line Anna Wetherall says to Dick Mannerig when she taunts him with the following statement. (Background, she is now a prostitute and he is her pimp 1800’s ish): “You … Continue reading

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Yellowjackets Season 1 Theory

END OF SEASON SPOILERS!!! DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU’VE WATCHED EPISODE 10! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Many of you have started following our theory on Twitter/Facebook, so allow me to piece it all together without you having to go searching. … Continue reading

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There is SOME kindness left… but we still have work to do.

Amid the covid pandemic things have definitely turned on their heads. Zoom has become one of the most utilized softwares, (and for that I’m quite grateful as I enjoy video meetings). However… what the heck is happening to our seniors!!! … Continue reading

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He’s just not that into you…. If he makes you erase parts of yourself.

You may have seen the movie, but who actually read the book “He’s just not THAT into you?” The very core of the book teaches us that the right person will love us NO MATTER WHAT. No compromise, no sacrifice, … Continue reading

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Time to drop the F@ck!ng Facade

The pressure to look good has never been more intense on people of all ages these days, and as a former model, I’m calling out the bullshit. Thanks to: filters, fillers, lighting, makeup, body garments, photoshop/ping apps, plastic surgery etc … Continue reading

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The Fifth Retail Announcement

17th Ave SW Calgary is in for a delectable revelation! Arlington Street Investments are announcing their retail lineup for their newest project, The Fifth, located on the coveted corner of 17th avenue and 5th Street SW. The mixed-use development boasts … Continue reading

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: NTA Presents: The 2019 MS Winter Gala

” Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, with an estimated 77,000 Canadians living with the disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults aged 20 to 49, younger children and older adults are also … Continue reading

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Way back Wednesday: Frocks in Fall 

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, the whole process can be extremely overwhelming. I was first introduced to Frocks Modern Brides and Bridesmaids Boutique when I modelled for Calgary Bridal Guide this past Spring. The boutique is absolutely … Continue reading

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