Yellowjackets Theory


Many of you have started following our theory on Twitter/Facebook, so allow me to piece it all together without you having to go searching.

Backstory: our group of citizen detectives was created by Lori, none of us had ever met before, but after posting quite astute observations of the show on 2 Facebook groups, she selected myself, Juliann, and Becki, and together we formed our own little team, or book club if you will… yes… this book club is actually real. 🤣

Credit @Showtime Twitter

Ok… so we picked up the following clues along the way and they just add up too well. AND the writers confirmed one person (I tweeted on behalf of our group) predicted the whole show…. Ok guys… “buckle in”…

Episode 1:

We see the cast in the past. (Ooh I rhymed!) we see their sins and transgressions before they ever set foot in the “Forest.” We notice Tai is willing to hurt someone for personal gain, Shauna is no longer a virgin and also “covets thy neighbour” aka steals her best friend’s boyfriend. Misty is kinda unhinged.

Before we see the cast in present day, we hear the staff at the school discussing the team. AT NO POINT DO THEY SAY THEY SURVIVED.

HUGE CLUE: THE VERY FIRST TIME WE SEE SHAUNA SHE’S PLAYING A GAME LIKE “JEOPARDY” but it’s not Jeopardy? We know there’s no major issue depicting Jeopardy in shows as it’s happened repeatedly in other works of fiction, so why in this one are they answering questions with “I am” instead of “what/who is?”

The very first words out of Shauna’s mouth are “I AM PARADISE LOST.” And when someone gets it wrong, she jabs at them and says “aww Linda , you dumb bitch.” For getting it wrong. As if that’s the correct answer in front of us all along and we’re all about to derail into a bunch of other theories…


Paradise Lost is a compilation poem that spans 10 books written in the late 1600’s. It illustrates how the world was punished by Eve and ADAM’s sins and banished from the garden of EDEN… then Michael shows them a “vision” of what their future would be like as a result of their sin, with all the pain they cause in the world.


Adam- literally translating to “the first man” the writers said he is an “entity” and will come back to “haunt” them in future… they also said they were inspired by Lord of the Flies. Is he a demon? We see Beelzebub in that one, is he one of the boys?

LAURA-LEE: is constantly featured wearing white and paralleled to look saint like. When she “dies” in the show she is almost certainly a virgin and too “pure” to go where they are going. When Lottie first gets in the water she says “I thought it would be warmer” then when Laura Lee dies her plane magically bursts into flames over the lake… ever heard of Hell called a “Lake of Fire?” We sure have…

ADAM shows up at places without prompt all the time. You know what does that? A demon. He literally quotes the same author as Shauna without prompt, the one book is about being a double agent and the other is from Slaughterhouse Five, a book considered to be “unstuck in time” and apparently is shown different visions of his life in no particular order. (Juliann also believes if this doesn’t go Satan twisted then it’s gonna go UFO’s. As in slaughterhouse 5 there’s aliens and on the tv in Nats room the news is talking about increased UFO sittings in Washington. Which is possible as old societies may have mistaken aliens for gods…. But anyway back to the main track)

Credit: Lori

And if Adam is a demon/devil that would fit… the devil was the “angel that fell from the heavens” and was once gods most loyal angel… he can easily disguise himself and appear friendly or even loveable (Adam….) and while Adam dies so quickly and almost for nothing… I highly doubt we are done with him. The writers flat out said he is an “entity” that will continue to “haunt” them throughout the series.

ALSO! In his apartment we see a GIANT picture of the Devil, with the words “Swiss cheese” (ever heard the saying that “evil is like holes in Swiss cheese?”

We also see this image behind both Shauna and Adam, one while Shauna is trying to clean him up and one where Adam is defending himself… pretty sure what we’re watching here is an illusion, or why else would they have DOUBT behind them like that?

When Nat has her flashback, she sees her dads ghost on the plane saying “it’s been waiting for us.” So Nat was destined for Hell/spiritual inbetween? She uses an awful lot of substances which can be linked to abuse of the body therefore less pure, plus we know she’s not a virgin, and has engaged in “sins of the flesh” (again, not shaming, just follow along here.)

Tai is bat shit crazy. But she had darkness even before the plane went down. I believe over the next seasons we’ll get a bigger glimpse into the girls home lives and what made them tick.

She appears to suffer from a Dissociative Identity Disorder… if we’re being realistic about it. If we’re going spiritual, she can’t hide her darkness, the evil is consuming her. Her greed, drive for power, all of these are typical of people in power (rich ppl please don’t whack me for saying that, I’m just a poor ass college student 🤣) we constantly see Tai saying she doesn’t believe in this stuff… which is possibly why the narrative keeps showing her dark side, her “vision” of the future is constantly skewed from the darkness within…

Misty… definitely has some darkness to her. We see her watching a rat drown in episode 1, smashing the flight box, chopping coaches leg without a moment of hesitation. Juliann brought up a deadly point with her, remember when the girls call her to taunt her about doing anal with Robbie? She seems very eager to please others… what if a young misty ended up in a sexual situation she didn’t really want to be in because she wanted to be loved and accepted? (I’ll come back to why virginity possibly matters in a bit, but I don’t think misty is a virgin…)

We see the extra yellowjackets disappearing over the episodes… now either that’s sloppy writing (I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT, this show is fucking genius) or they went somewhere. I think they “passed on.” The girls were in a limbo of sorts, and as they display more light/darkness it chooses where they go. Almost as if the forest is a big sorting hat.

Laura Lee had to leave them, she didn’t belong there. But we also see a demonic vision of her in episode 10… so maybe her soul is trapped there with them after all…

We are shown the show from a multitude of perspectives, as if each main character is viewing their own reality of what would’ve happened if they went back home after they all died (yes, we’re saying they’re all dead… and here’s why)

Episode 9 we see literally everyone admit/commit sin. Giant orgy, Travis isn’t a virgin anymore, Jackie isn’t a virgin anymore. Shauna almost kills Travis, thinking he’s a stag. There’s a ton of symbolism about stags, usually that they’re a sign of enlightenment, Christ, or virility. Would make sense they want to slaughter that in him, or take his virility for themselves (hence giant orgy). Coach says he’s gay, misty poisons everyone, and Jackie loses her virginity… (THIS IS NOT SAYING BEING GAY GETS YOU SENT TO HELL OR THAT LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY DOES EITHER!!!! Even if you research other societies that aren’t Christian there is a purity of power in a virgin be they male or female. There is also a long history of gods smiting people for hyper sexuality. Yes, “vaginas have monologues now,” we know that, but if we are going with the heaven/hell parallel then this is what we’ve got. Hate it or love it). (Why virgins matter in societies other than Christianity

After we see a GIANT divide between Jackie and the team, so much that they “freeze her out” and… in one of the final scenes… we see Jackie frozen solid to the ground… anyone ever hear of the devil being encased in ice?

Van: as a person who has been attacked by a dog in the face, I promise you guys… she did not survive that attack. She literally tells Tai “she was somewhere inbetween.” And something was “out there.” We’re about to see some dark shit next season!!! Ahhh I can’t wait!!!

Tai and Shauna are in Callie’s room together and she says this

Not a single one of those things felt “real”

In episode 9 when Travis is tripping he keeps saying “no one’s here are we?.”

Right before we see Jackie dead, WE SEE SHAUNA HAVE A VISION OF EVERYONE THERE, INCLUDING DEAD CABIN GUY!!!! WE LOVE YOU JACKIE!!!! AHHH THIS IS SO HELL/AFTERLIFE! Jackie finally lost her virginity, came to terms with her evil (albeit passive aggressive behaviour) and so she passes over to where the rest of the sinners are… (and no? I’m not saying losing your virginity send you to Hell🤦🏻‍♀️ this is paralleling what old cultures would say. You’ve now opened the door for sins of the flesh.) (I’m no virgin so clearly I’m not condemning them.)

Where did Javi go??? Right now I’m guessing Heaven? Some other ethereal place? … or he’s seriously injured somewhere. The team isn’t exactly solid on that answer, but that’s my two cents on it. He was a virgin, sweet, definitely not part of their crew. (Or he totally was Adam and we won’t find out until later that he had some deadly amnesia and was found wandering somewhere and had the tattoo on his back without his knowledge… Dam that bugged us they didn’t go over the tattoo… but that’s cool, they’re smart writers so we’re probably gonna come full circle with that at some point.)

But also, demons and evil entities are typically “marked” so there’s that…

And finally, we end with this…


Lottie presenting a bear heart as an offering.. and saying

“Shed blood my beautiful friends, and let the DARKNESS SET US FREE.”

THEY ARE IN HELL!!!! (Or just outside the garden of eden in some strange Hedonistic world.)

Thank you! From all of us Citizen Detectives


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