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  • How can we blame others for plastic when we’re also the problem?

    How can we blame others for plastic when we’re also the problem?

    Welcome to the plastocalypse, where plastic has literally invaded every segment of our world. It’s not only packaged on our food, it’s our phones, our cars, our clothes, and it’s even getting into the food we eat. Plastic pollution is a serious problem. Continue reading → Read more

  • Prisoners Justice Day 2021

    Prisoners Justice Day 2021

    A lot of you don’t know this, but across Canada, Prisoners at all Institutions are fasting for the entire day to support “Prisoners Justice Day.” This movement has been in effect since 1974, something dear to those inside who know … Continue reading → Read more

  • All The World Is a Stage 

    One of my earliest memories is of preschool. I remember my favourite area was the far corner, where the dress-up trunk was. I would play over there by myself for what seemed like hours. I remember getting mad at the … Continue reading → Read more

  • Messiah Complex

    Messiah Complex

    Today, I managed to check off something on my bucket list. Seen as though I could not make it to my uncles funeral, I was surprised with front row tickets to see Russell Brand. So I dolled myself up, and … Continue reading → Read more

  • Playtime with Porter

    Playtime with Porter

    Looking for edgy photos? I found Calgary’s photographer with an EDGE, and that, my dears, is the lovely Randy Porter. Randy and I have meant to shoot with each other forever but my schedule is awful so I finally managed … Continue reading → Read more

  • Field of Dreams

    Field of Dreams

    A couple weeks ago i reunited with my darling friend and associate Nicholas Kunn for a photo shoot out in a hay field. As always, nick and I had a blast. We drove out east on hwy 22x toward Indus, … Continue reading → Read more